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15 Comments on Hacking Windows XP

  1. linux sucks a little bit don't u think?

  2. is possible to creat a admin account from a user mode?

  3. there is a even totally easier way… turn off computer start ur computer up in safe mode (not sure what button it is diff comps are different mines f8)…then just log in as administrator and remove all passwords on all acoounts

  4. Your the dick that uses leet!

  5. Ugh, so sick of people posting wannabe hacks (not even knowing what a hack is.
    dammit! Why don't people ever post how to make text based dos games. That's alot more entertaining than just browsing the drives directory. Quit fuckin' wasting youtubes space for n00b shit!!!!!!!!!!11

  6. damn n00b2, I shouldn't even waste my time with this crap. I should just not even comment.

  7. where do you type the new password?

  8. hack into the administrator account duh… go into cmd and type net user. find the administrator user name and then type. net user (users name without the parenthesis) *

  9. why dont you try changing supports password

  10. it dont work lol i already got xp lol

  11. ok ur a loser u can't actually "literally" hack windows xp in dos. Ur just taking a well known idea and adding to urself loser. You still have to get into windows XP on a ADMINISTRATOR's account to change the password. Get a better idea genius

  12. dude.. this is one of the lames "hacks" if thats what you want to call it. You need to have admin rights to do this.

  13. it doesnt work it says accsess is denied

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