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20 Comments on Hacking Windows XP with Armitage Using Backtrack 5

  1. Thanks for the vid tough

  2. You sound like a fat person that has personal problems…

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  5. thank you for your wise words of wisdom LMAO

  6. I think to think that the mistakes i do in my video will be a good way for people to learn what they can and can't do.
    For example i did a video on rooting a website no idea what i was think in parts of that video but its good for people to see me make mistakes that way that know what happens when you try to do what i did. You can only learn from your mistakes and its the same for all of us to know what can happen when you do something you shouldn't do.

  7. Good video look im just being honest learn a little more about everything before you try to upload a tutorial.

  8. lol Johnny English….

  9. Oh and by the way that was anonymously protesting and causing grief…..just for the LULZ of cause

  10. also how can everyone be anonymous yet anonymous do not attack the innocent…….what if i attack the innocent anonymously…..i think you will agree deep down that really you are the dumb fuck…..oh and PhiberOptics i honestly did not mean anything by my comments….i actually liked the video as soon as i saw it just thought its was funny as i had just been on a demo against starbucks….

  11. Who rattled you cage….what started of as a bit of joke on my part seems to have caused you all to get your internet gangster hats on an start typing SHIT… have no need to but in and try to tell me about "anonymous" i own a dictionary and i also am able to comprehend what it says… on the other hand probably have no clue about anything unless you hear it here……and trying to sound clever using words like Dos attack…..

  12. If you didnt know, Anon doesnt attack the innocent. You're obviously a dumb fuck believing someone would hack Starbucks in a YouTube video. Everyone can be anonymous as long as they want to and whenever they want to. You dont have to wear a fucking mask running around hacking in to every goddamn thing you see on your way. If you want to learn how to hack properly, do not try and learn from anon. They have one button to press, and boom, website down. its called a Dos attack.

  13. Kills your connection to the host. Doesn't kill there computer if thats what you were thinking just removes your exploit from there machine.

  14. hey what if i click the kill option in the meterpreter, what happen to the host?
    please replay, i just want to know before i try it.

  15. Welp first off only people who have something to find from would want to remain anonymous there is nothing to hide from if your not trying to hide from something that might effect you in real life like being a registered sex offender or something even at that your idiots that need to grow up.

  16. WTF are you going on about???? who are you to say i am a wannabe, and by you comment you obviously do not think i am "anon" please tell me then what is ANONYMOUS…..and why do i only "think" i am anonymous?

  17. You think your anonymous but your a wannabe trying to fit in.

  18. LMAO he has an ANON background and he is worried about doing illegal acts inside cyberspace…………go figure

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