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Here's What It Looks Like When A 'Smart Toilet' Gets Hacked | Forbes

Security researchers have discovered that a bunch of ‘smart’ devices for the home that are currently on the market are pretty dumb when it comes to security. That includes toilets.

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15 Comments on Here's What It Looks Like When A 'Smart Toilet' Gets Hacked | Forbes

  1. Lol I stumbled across this when looking for info on an "Internet of Things" debate. You can hack anything now XD

  2. is this the same toilet you flushed the weed down?

  3. you folks love spending time with toilets

  4. geez people lighten up. it's just a youtube channel

  5. Why are you guys posting stuff like this?!

  6. Who is in charge of the forbes Youtube channel? Was this a joke?

  7. Man this video was so high level IQ.

  8. I can't believe this got uploaded on "Forbes" a "prestigious informative website"…

  9. There are some things that don't need to be smart.

  10. glad i watched this video of a toilet opening and closing and occasionally flushing

  11. Such a Normal Thing In Japan.. they Have 252,900 Patents..

  12. they hack everything

  13. Smart Toilets For Dumb People

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