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  1. @Iownyoujk i need your help

  2. Why am I watching this in 2018 :O !
    btw, I'm now more familiar with using hex 😛 !

  3. I opened up a pak file and got a lot of stuff that looks like the below text (all in the right column instead of English). Any idea how I can make this readable?
    âÎ “n©t÷"GØÿĐGÊžÍÙ$2Ñ6Ëà*] {7md¯9Ü%LœZ_Q OA‘+ÝEø6¾Ò€

  4. I am confused…
    What would 0x08892444 be in a hex editor..?

  5. Just saying, it's possible to hex edit with notepad.

  6. Where's the link ?


  8. How to Hex edit fire emblem awakening please

  9. if i write some code in the frhed edtor,how to save it in hex extension?

  10. I've thought its hax editing 🙁

  11. What are all those weird sumbols called when you open the EXE file in the hex editor? I'm not talking about the numbers in the left column but the hieroglyph lookin things in the right column intermixed with periods and actual words and letters.

  12. 2016 and still helping


  14. so I don't think this can help me, I was going to hardmod metroid prime and make a multiplayer split screen for it….

  15. Erm I was told to go to adress 136BF1? I cant?

  16. Can u do one with naruto rpg 2 and translate it to english

  17. can you do a tutorial showing how to change the media info a video file using hex editor. I tried but the file doesn't play after I change the media info.

  18. hey i have a problem im editing a video game – A4 09 89 00 10 F0 03 C8 C8 60 B9 00 00 A8 60 72 – this is the code 89 00 10 to 89 ?? ?? i need to change this but have no idea what value i need for the item i want to use an i dont feel like going threw every value to find out the correct one is their an easier way ?

  19. can someone helpme i need a grf file opened how do i do this?

  20. I know it was 2009 n all but why is there a duck in the background…?

  21. hmm… can I change .sii File? i should do it.

  22. I am trying to add a header to an SNES ROM. Supposedly I just need to add 512 bytes or something like that, can you help with that at all! You'd have a subscriber for life man! Been working on patching a hack to an SNES ROM and can't find a headered ROM anywhere!

  23. How would you change the name of the program '' program tittle'' and text that is not is not in a text box or that can be backspaced within the program?

  24. WHY are so many tutorial made by people who wear their microphones in their BUTTS?

  25. How do you hack mobile game on android devices like FIFA 14

  26. are you from albania

  27. how can i search this numbers 96 00 00 00 C8 00 00 00

  28. can this also edit the .naz files like i want to enable cheats in total overdose game by editing blocks.naz

  29. nice job young man, nice job!

  30. how to hack 8 ball pool to extend lines 

  31. Just what I needed. Thanks man

  32. Wow.  Windows XP hacker lol. Elite!

  33. lets just say I need to hex edit one playersave.bin file how to do it?

  34. Chupa minhas bolas de gude e engasga com esse teu tutorial em chines

  35. How to hex mod psvita games

  36. Hey can you email me at I need help

  37. how to hex edit .xxx files for mortal kombat complete edtion PC

  38. I want to know how to properly hex edit games on my Galaxy S3.

  39. Can you edit EXE??? I need to edit Rome Tota1 War Exe fi1e………… tans

    BTW, I subscribed 🙂

  40. HxD right? It should be able to edit files as well.

  41. Can someone edit some stuff in my SMB Hack?I will mention everyone in the credits.

  42. ok I have a question… wtf is HXD then? I was told HXD was Hex Editing and you could edit certain things online with it?

  43. hey i have hex editor but when i use it it says i need write access so what do i do then can u tell me

  44. Hey Thanks for the link and the tutorial I will look foreword to looking at some of your other videos thanks bye!

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