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43 Comments on How to add an XP Mode Virtual Machine to Windows 10

  1. man, this is working perfect, but set both memories to 512 MB, otherwise you get error , not enough memory…. and set DVD as virtual drive.

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    if you use a resolution that's not 4:3 or 16:9 I hate you

  3. You are installing WindowsXP in Hyper-V, you are not installing WindowsXP mode

  4. i dont know the size of my harddick

  5. yeah like thats working. i dont have that hyper V shit.

  6. i dont have a HIAS in my console tree

  7. xp mode is only for windows 7 not running on windows 10. This is bullcrap.


  9. Not working any more 🙁

  10. Use newer high vms makes it so fast

  11. what if I don't have the "new" option in Actions?

  12. at 1:31 it said harddick LOL

  13. But how do i get a serial key for xp?

  14. Got the feels of reinstalling XP :' )

  15. XP virtually runs best with Oracle Virtualbox. Even with a ram of 512 MB, it runs smooth enough. Further, Virtualbox gives other advantages over Hyper-V viz. smooth mouse integration, both ways drag & drop, full screen view and mostly running XP app virtually in the host (I'm using windows 10). Hyper-V is not easy available with all OS versions. But, good introductory video.

  16. Son of a bitch, I always forget my harddick size.

  17. Newgame you what or windows xp or windows 10 or kamu bisa kan

  18. HYper V isnt there

  19. dont working ????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????

  20. I want to install ms office 2003. Please tell me how to transfer files between win 10 pro and win xp

  21. does this vm have internet connectivity?

  22. hard dick lmao XD

  23. Cool. But, I can't get audio resources to work. Any ideas?

  24. Hate this loud obnoxius music

  25. WHY IS YOUR MUSIC SO FUCKING LOUD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! JESUS.

    Aside from that, good vid.

  26. How to transfer some file from windows 10 to windows xp ?
    I want to install some program on windows xp

  27. When allocating memory is that memory permanently tied to virtual machine or just when virtual machine is in use? Reason i ask is the main OS is going to be using Adobe for video editing and i want as much memory for that purpose as possible. I have 32GB RAM memory to work with. only a printer diver, A PDF printer, adobe reader and a small 32 bit program will be loaded to the virtual machine. Would you recommend less resource than what is in the video set up?

  28. Any reason why you put on separate drive other than default location? I have a 500GB solid state hard drive that looks to be partitioned into two separate drives.

  29. Will this create a 32 bit vs of XP even though my computer is 64 bit? I need 32 bit for the software i am using.

  30. No audio or internet connection with this it seems 🙁

  31. Once I get to Hyper-V Manager, I got have "New" come up on the side bar.

    Edit: There is an application called "Hyper-V Quick Create" under "Hyper-V Manager" in Administrative Tools. This will let you create the OS.

  32. "HardDick"

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  34. control panel was not on win+x

  35. get rid of terrible loud music

  36. you said Hard”DICK”

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