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How to Beat CPU Defense in NBA 2K19! BEST Dribbling Tips & Tutorial

How to Beat CPU Defense in NBA 2K19 | NBA 2K19 Dribbling Tips & Tutorial |

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43 Comments on How to Beat CPU Defense in NBA 2K19! BEST Dribbling Tips & Tutorial

  1. This was a seriously awesome video man. Not sure if people realize how smart and useful this video was. You basically did all the work showing us how to beat a defense. The developers obviously tried to make the game as real to life as possible, and they did an even better job this year. If you leave the ball exposed irl, they are gonna take it from you. You did a great job. This was also really clear and easy to understand. I truly appreciated this video. Will help throughout the game too. Whether a real person defender or the computer. And in real life basketball too. So, very cool man. I’m subscribing.

  2. Every fuckin player in 2K is an elite defensive player of the year. I had all time Kobe going against Ray Allen who's known for bad defense, lock me down and had about 7 steals and 2 blocks. And players like Harden and Dirk be blocking shots like Ben Wallace smh.

  3. What am I doing wrong??! The crossover does absolutely nothing to the guard. They are like glue on me. I’m pretty new to 2K. And I’m having a hard time breaking up the d.

  4. dude the comp ai is better than player ai end you should not need to do button mash.There d is good player ai d horrid as 2k are crap and is only way they can balance

  5. Sorry but no matter what move u do your defender just follows u every where

  6. Thank you mate, you rock!

  7. Man offensive rebounding after a you get a block is insane.. its like automatically ball falls in their hands or on the ground near them… That's irritating..

  8. And The CPU Can Recover So Quick After An Ankle Breaker They Stand Up Imedietly After Sitting Down Some B*llsh*t

  9. Make one 2k20????????

  10. Hi! When you get the team takeover, what is the button that calls  zone defenses with pg? Thanks!

  11. Good video buddy! Before I’m here, I help Westbrook break the single game stealing record because I was doing flashy dribble before pick and roll…

  12. At first I hated 2K19. But the more I played it, the more I realized how realistic it is! Yes there are instances where the CPU defense is OP but for the vast majority of the time, it can be beat with plays, screens/picks, and good ball movement. Just like in the real NBA!

  13. get yo big to set a screen then do a crossover into the screen u gon be wide open gimme my like u welcome

  14. Tell me about it Curry is locking me up

  15. Why didn’t they keep the defense from 2k18. At least it gave people a chance.

  16. Who watching this cuz of off ballers on myteam

  17. Watching this for those myteam players who play off ball

  18. I understand they want to make it harder to blow by someone but come on… no way a center like boban can stop Westbrook going to the basket. Just not realistic every player is basically a lockdown

  19. We're all here cause no one plays user defense anymore old relic of time

  20. I hate when I click the steal button my player jumps on the other players back.

  21. My secret to beating cpus on hall of fame is to press pause at the very beginning of the game and changing the defensive setting to no off ball help and don't switch on screens because if you don't change that the cpus on your team will switch at the dumbest times and everyone on hall fame never misses a catch and shoot open 3 so it's better to have no help d to cover the 3 pointers at all times and also the point guard will then start to force up bad shots and usually end up shoot below 40 percent from the field even Steph Curry and James usually have bad shooting nights on hall of fame long as you do a decent enough job defensively on them, but Jerami Grant on OKC will drop 30 points very effeiciantly if you don't make sure to cover him at all times

  22. I’m just annoyed at the fact that they buffed the CPU’s AI to Kawhi defense levels and your team’s AI still plays like they’re on a middle school JV team :/

  23. 2k outta be sued for this massacre on their loyal fans.

  24. And they over reach! I want to play against kyrie not foul him out the game in the 3rd quarter smh

  25. I hate when the computer can reach and I cant

  26. Always the same lazy ass beat in every single 2k video ever… Go fuck yourself

  27. Honestly i really like that i cannot jump in this 2k and just whoop ass….i enjoy being challenged to learn and go into the practice mode and learn things. The learning process

  28. Not working. Computer are too tough

  29. I just broke Ben Simmons ankles and I’m a 70 overall in my career ????

  30. Everybody uses this awful camera angle smh

  31. I appreciate this video but I tried this and it still doesn't do anything. I hate to say it, but this year's game is just straight trash. I say that as one of the biggest 2K fanboys ever, but this game is just absolute garbage.

  32. My problem is all my superstar getting injured always and players who are not supposed to be quick are quick all of a sudden in this game. Like the bigs quicker than my guards even in fastbreak.

  33. If the guy guarding you has pick pocket in bronze you’re gonna have a bad time

  34. Even now it’s extremely hard to get past someone

  35. Yeah my dude sucks, i can only get shots from inside the paint cause thats my guys unfortunately best location on the court, but i can never get into the fucking paint cause the A.I defence is on steroids!

  36. Lmao???? yall noobs be needing tutorials on how to get a basic layup while I'm out here 360 dunking with the greatest of ease! ~ Jk I too am struggling with this new AI defense just wanted to be toxic for once lol

  37. Dope Video! Sending blessing your way, Keep inspiring!????????????

  38. 70 steal and silver pick pocket and i dont just spam square and i still get reach ins. Fucking annoying. Im a pure slasher and i cant drive to the basket because of this fucking op ai defence.

  39. first of all…i gotta master up ball handling on my player 😀

  40. I mainly play hall of fame, but even when I protect I can’t get by the defender. He almost never is hit by the pick

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