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14 Comments on How to burn a CD on Windows XP

  1. Trying to burn a music cd on an old acer windows xp laptop. The music files are not corrupted and will play just fine. The Media Player use to work great but now instead of saying its burning it says its preparing??? Then it will not burn anything. Help!

  2. super sir it is so simple

  3. Shiney side down – XD

  4. This is why I LOVE Windows XP. It is so simple! Not like that Windows 10 crap…

  5. i want to wirte windows xp but when is on the finish the pc say that we cant finish the process what should i do ?

  6. I Really Like This..
    A New Chapter And Task For Me..
    New Way With Nero or Any Other
    Thanks Presscott

  7. I am assuming you have tried the "basic" fix of rebooting. As a test you can also try using it from another user account (creating a new one if needed).

    There are settings to allow a drive to read but not write to disks but it is not likely the problem. More likely it is hardware – the drive is able to read but not write. That is, admitted, just a guess. Hard to troubleshoot without seeing the computer and working with it directly. Might be time to take it into a local shop.

  8. well im not exactly sure what that is but if you mean to try to put in a disk that should automaticaly start i already did and it started but the only thing that doesnt work is when i put in a blank cd it doesnt pick it up and when i try to burn a cd with the computer it doesnt give me the option of a cd

  9. Try booting from a bootable CD. If the computer cannot do that then your drive is likely dead. You can get it replaced or get an external model.

  10. what about if the computer doesnt recognize the cd after you put it in what do i do

  11. Thank you So Much! This was very helpful! 😀 Im FINALLY Getting a new computer so I needed to get my files together! 😀 THX!

  12. @kidc05: Should work very much the same, assuming your drive handles that format.

  13. @RRTechProducer: If you want to make a music CD I would suggest using iTunes or something similar.

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