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44 Comments on How to bypass the windows xp Password

  1. Sir mere computer me administrator ke bad aage nahi jata h

  2. thx dude forgot the password to my old laptop and this saved me a lot of time an nerves !

  3. Thank you so much ???? I really appreciate this video.

  4. Hey bro thanks for this, now i can revive my old dinossaur

  5. I was unable to reset my user name or pass word . any other techniques?

  6. Hacker : Note that down!!!

  7. So awesome seeing a video from a fellow South African. Well done, bud!

  8. Wonderful tutorial! It worked for me and I was able to gain access to old Dell with WinXP! Thank you so much for sharing this tip!

  9. Its not coming to that window after alt+ctrl+del

  10. Worked for me…so thank you ????

  11. Thank s for the video, so helpfull

  12. Thanks its woooorrrrkkkk

  13. thanks a lot,works all the time,you saved me

  14. It works…THANK YOU !

  15. Thx it work in 2019

  16. I need to bypass what you call “the old classic start” which says, log on to windows. I forgot my admin user name & password & trying to get in to pull all my old files. I’ve been running a Mac since 2013 & never looked back till now just to receive old files I’m missing.

  17. It is not working

  18. Thank you!! you're the Best !!

  19. And if the administrator doesn't work? I'm trying to get into my college laptop

  20. Sir, aapki vajah se me Apne computer ko access Kar paya. It was damaged from past one year. When I repaired it, I forgot my password. You gave me back all the important data.
    Thank you

  21. This workkkk or not?????

  22. Is there anyway to bypass an administrator password please

  23. dude thanks its workkkk dude

  24. Sweet saved me thanks

  25. I lost my password on XP, and I am unable to get pass the first screen
    How do you get to the next screen to reset your password?

  26. Mine says "The system cannot log you on now because the domain PHC is not available" can someone explain what happened for me?

  27. Don’t work for me ????

  28. Excellent. That first suggestion worked!! Thanks so much.

  29. Such a great hack.Thank you!!!

  30. very very thenks for help bro work 100% bro

  31. Thank you so much it works cheers mate

  32. 100% working sir thanks

  33. ***unable to log you on because of an account restriction

    Plzzzz helppp

  34. Its 200% Working.
    God Bless You.

    It Just Take Maximum 1 Minute To Reset.
    You Are Awesome Bro.

  35. if the person has an administrative password is there anyway to get around it ?

  36. Lekker Afrikaans broer!

  37. God bless u
    My computer worked

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