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How to bypass Windows Vista, XP, or 7’s activation without any downloads or product keys!

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Check out this nifty video tutorial that will show you how to bypass Windows operating systems without a product key. You do not need the product key to get Windows Vista, Windows Seven, or Windows XP activated. For activation, just follow these simple steps!

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Note. THIS IS NOT Windows Vista. It’s an…

21 Comments on How to bypass Windows Vista, XP, or 7’s activation without any downloads or product keys!

  1. It works! Thank you very much. Plus i was able to activate my home basic windows vista with this video
    im able to use my old laptop again! thanks to you.

  2. It immediately logged off when I shut internet explorer down.

  3. Wait a second, It's called Windows 7 Ultimate but it's a build of Windows Vista

  4. My system not virtual machine no straight hhd configure how to activate

  5. Go to google search Vanskeys to get 100% genuine product key.

  6. Do you recommend to keep win7 disconnected from the internet?

  7. I watched this video and i spammed keys and it said "skip" lol don't need this video xD but I still liked

  8. Go to google search Vanskeys to get genuine windows key.

  9. thank you so much

  10. You said for windows xp
    theres no way to do that on windows xp

  11. go here in run
    Windows NT
    OOBETimer works on all systems but mainly for xp type HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE find and find the last file in here and type FF D5 71 D6 8B 6A 8D 6F
    D5 33 93 FD in the last file im not a hacker just open source thx

  12. thx worked for me- vista on vm ware

  13. ahhhhhh what the hell windows vista and winver say windows 7 mine blown

  14. did not show me anything. I do not have a virtual machine. I have a new computer build and I ran the windows 7 install disc and towards the end it tells me to type in the product code. It refuses to let me proceed until I put in a code.   How do I by-pass this so I can finish the install? I will use  watremovaltool after I get windows 7 to fully install and see the trash icon on the desktop. Anyone care to help?

  15. on windows vista , 7 , 8 , 8.1 , 10 i can use the desktop , but on xp , it closes every 30-60 seconds

  16. Windows Vista home premium activiation key!Where i can get?

  17. Song in the opening? been looking for it. is it called "Da hood?'

  18. i got a genuine key of windows,strongly recommende the site: #####
    Althoudh it is not free, it really cost me little. It is worth visiting if you need windows product keys.

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  20. Windows 8/8.1 Activator
    Click here:
    Activate any windows 8 product.

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