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23 Comments on How to change/hack password of another user using command prompt

  1. Does this work on any account even from a game


  3. It only works because he's on the Administrator account. Look in the top left of his command prompt, it says Administrator. This won't work from a guest account.

  4. I didn't got successful msg.access is denied msg only atlast Wht can I do?

  5. Access is denied
    What to do now

  6. it don't work? dislike.

  7. at last it does working for typing

  8. it does not ask for password

  9. omg my father is puting password for admin user if I use in standard use its just closing the cmd tab!><

  10. it works … must run cmd as admin

  11. such a slow typer ugh HURRY UP

  12. ur better then the other ones

  13. FLippin hell it says ' ACCESS DENIED'

  14. cannot type password on last so that its shows denied

  15. it didnt work bitch

  16. OMGGG IT Worked the dislike button worked

  17. First of all type faster I got to go to bed……!!!!!!!!!!!!! DAMN IT!

  18. Im going to subscribe this guy

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