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How to change windows password using cmd(windows 10,8,7,xp)

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16 Comments on How to change windows password using cmd(windows 10,8,7,xp)

  1. Hi Guys If You Have Any Suggestion For My next video Please let Me Know.

  2. why cannot type in "Type a Password for the User?"
    Please HEEEELP

  3. Guys i found out right click and run as admin

  4. i tried this but it says access is denied what do i do? I am running as administrator though. My dad wont tell me his password so im trying to change it so i can get access 24/7. pls help me!

  5. it says system error 5 has occurred

  6. when you play video at that time your cursor(yellow color) it's hide main word of this video . i can't see it perfictly pls tell me in comment which that…….

  7. Thx it worked, thanks bro c:

  8. I'm on my admin account, i used the commands correctly and it sais: not enough permissions (Windows 10) what am i doind wrong?

  9. That music though lol.

  10. i can't change a password, there is a password in run admin. im at another account, but i cant change a password.

  11. thanks for this video

  12. thanks. it is helpfull

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