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How to Clone Windows XP for Free

– If you’ve ever had a need to clone Windows XP, look no further: Here are three of ’em!

You can watch the entire live TLDR episode here:

38 Comments on How to Clone Windows XP for Free

  1. I want to move… I mean COPY, Windows XP MCE into my flash drive. I don't want to spend a whole $49.99 for a disc copy of the system while I can get it from Grandpa's PC.

  2. What's the meaning of the FREE part of the title? It's not like you ever had to pay anything to clone your computer, especially since I want Windows XP MCE Edition from my Grandpa's old computer. Copying systems are always free.

  3. ok, can you please just STOP BREATHING. you have wasted 2 and 1/2 minutes of my time on your dumb shit

  4. I use cloning software only for SSD's, I have a secondary PC with XP for the reason of older gaming.

  5. Next time shows how to actually clone a hard drive.. Other than that your title is misleading. You should have titled what software to use for cloning hard drives.

  6. Fuckin' hell. School computers aren't even powerful. For $1,000 I could get a fucking great gaming PC.

  7. Hey, my father would still be using DOS if he could. He resisted using Windows at all for a long time.

  8. They say at mine that it costed them $1,000 per windows xp machine, I told them that's a load of bs.

  9. We use 7, and it is slow as shit.

  10. Why would you want to Clone… WINDOWS XP?! Well Do what you please but not for me…

  11. Same here. My school had Windows XP (and even my other school before it) until this year when they upgraded to 7. Well I wonder if they will ever upgrade it to 8,

  12. Probably its slow NO ITS NOT Itsthe computer thats slow people dont know that its not windows fault


  14. What is wrong with XP?

  15. Indeed. It's even more bullshit in case of our school. When our school initially purchased the computers for the lab, they all came with Windows 7, but just 2 weeks later, the school staff downgraded all of them to Windows XP -_-

  16. I use Ghost 12 to make an image file of Win 7 pro 32bit and it works great

  17. Same here, computers are slow as hell. my computer with XP runs faster than the ones at my school.

  18. why does the guy always pretend to drink wine ?

  19. Ha! OS X users… Rich buggers.
    Ha! Ubutu and Linx users… no life.

  20. More likely to be Windows Server 2003/2008.

  21. Around 2005 my last XP install got hose it was the straw that broke the camel back I went Linux and never looked back.

  22. @tonykara Those are "TIX" clocks. They are realy cool. I have 3 of them myself. I think his are probably set for different time zones. You can find them several places on the net but the best place (and for the best price) is Thinkgeek Just search for "TIX Clock".

  23. What the heck is that light bar up above his monitors on the wall?

  24. @Mikeaul Same here. It sucks!!

  25. I'll bet this guy has never had sex in his life – unless you count his fist or his blow up girl friend.

  26. Ha! Windows users… So cute.

  27. Does this guy means cloning or reinstall on the same machine?
    The last clones I made were with win3.1.
    This former OS was able, to install different drivers for different systems with two or three reboots. This ends with Win95, where those clones run maximum 1 year, then fell into serious problems, requesting a new install. That time I run about 70 clients on a novell server.

  28. @SuperDeercreek I have to use windows 2000 at school.


  29. runtime*.org appears to have no virus reports.

  30. Didn't even notice that easeus*.com had that tool.

    1 report of Malicious content, viruses on Jul.11.2011.

  31. My system will not run anything above XP

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