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30 Comments on How to configure networking for Windows XP and Vista

  1. windows+R > ncpa.cpl

  2. I also dont have nothing on the network connections


  4. hi! i installed win XP in a old toshiba satellite p100-400 and not getting wireless connection. in fact if I go do cmd and go for ipconfig it doesnt show anything. what can i do?

  5. properties please, qos, nwlink, topology, etc. what are they and which are needed or not needed, etc.

  6. Thanks help alot with korean pc

  7. urm i unistalled the pci thign for local connection because i couldnt get any connection what do i do now?

  8. nothing shows when i go to IPv4
    i mean the ip address doesnt show

  9. thats great
    did you only watch these tutorials or also get some guideline from books and other sources as well please guide me because i am really new in this feild

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  11. Dude, are these videos are enough to pass in CISCO ??
    Please do reply…I'm trying to write this exam…

  12. Cool! I like the cls command you entered in the CLI to clear all the contents.

  13. i have tons of newbie questions. is there anyway we can email or chat?

  14. No I can not see :c

  15. Sir which book is good for CCNA dumps

  16. Sir I took the exam yesterday, scored 933/1000. Your lectures are incredibly good and you made me understand the basics for the topics such as ACL, NAT & Frame Relay which i felt were complicated but not anymore. Thank you Sir.

  17. Hi danscourses, is there a chance you can provide a constancy (or something like that) for watching all your virtualclass?.
    I am sure all people that watch your video are impresive about the easy way you teach us.

  18. hello professor can u teach me ethical hacking

  19. Great news, thank you for posting it!

  20. Passed CCNA vendor 947/1000.

    Thanks to DansCourses. Very helpful videos.

  21. it's really nice stumbling at your tutorials,thanks to all of you who have made the complexity of this course a sucess

  22. What are we learning in this lesson? I'm sooo confused.

  23. thank you so much my professor

  24. In end devices there's a tab that says software/devices
    How we use it?

  25. How do you not have millions of views already? You Are brilliant. Thank you for this tutorial. _BC

  26. thanks for this tutorial

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