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How to Destroy Windows XP Through Command Prompt

WARNING: If you perform the actions shown in the video your system will not reboot. You will have to manually copy over the missing files from a repair disc. It won’t be enjoyable.

Here is a similar command that can be used to yield a similar result as this video: del /f /q /s “C:*.*”

del = delete
/f = force
/q = quietly
/s = subfolders (if this isn’t chosen, the files only in the current directory will be deleted – so to destroy the system this is what we want)

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30 Comments on How to Destroy Windows XP Through Command Prompt

  1. I'll do this in the school computer. Wish me luck

  2. I made my own XP custom install, and I installed it on a virtual machine. Thank you for letting me give it a proper goodbye 🙂

  3. the code is good on windows NT 4.0 it made c:/winnt empty

  4. Just rebooting my pc now lets see what happend

  5. Great to use on Virtual box!

  6. VM Time, created a snapshot of the stable OS, let's do it 😀

  7. Wouldn't it delete itself?

  8. Wouldn't it delete itself?

  9. Yeah, this will cut off everything.

  10. Will this destroy any shared drives?

  11. I remember another one…
    del/system32 or something

  12. -________________________________________-

  13. *.* means every file under any name with any extension. So, for example, it will target "image.jpg" as well as "document.pdf" and "file.docx". It will get it all!

  14. It really depends on the size of the hard drive. If you have lots of files, it will take longer. From what I remember, this new OS, which had the bare minimum files, took maybe 10-20 minutes. I really don't recall.

  15. Yeah, no problem.

  16. how long will this process take? like 5 minutes ?

  17. wow its working

  18. Good way!
    Destroying Windows XP is a virus!
    I won't do it!

  19. Did it on my school PC once. Teacher didn't know what hit the PC! 😛

  20. i do it with window 7 ultimate
    i am uploadng a video of it

  21. Now that's an idea!

  22. Thanks bro tbis realy helpt me 😉

  23. HAHAHAHHAH i did it on my retarted teacher's PC XD

  24. Good job! Windows XP SUCKS!!! 😀

  25. Going to destroy xp and install windows 7

  26. Wow you can VB this make it a terminal application and send this out it's not detected by anti-0virus lol…

  27. good toy in Virtual PC

  28. @Megadoomable It's find not to do it if you want to manually specify a YES or NO throughout the deletions.

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