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How to Download and Install Custom Fonts (Windows XP,Vista,7) – PC TUTORIAL

In this tutorial i show you how to Download Fonts and Implement them on your Windows system to use on MS Word, MS Paint , Photoshop etc.\

Compatible with WindowsXP,WindowsVista,Windows7



20 Comments on How to Download and Install Custom Fonts (Windows XP,Vista,7) – PC TUTORIAL

  1. Tank You Man

  2. Love it 😀 Heelped me a lot

  3. thnx man ;thank you very much !

  4. Thank you very much.

  5. Ive done this about 3 times. but after i replace the file it just turns back to the original basic file as if i never replaced it..

  6. God this isn't any help, you don't tell anyone what to do!

  7. Thank you man~! I finally have the Si-Fi font I always wanted~!

  8. THAT was a good video, helped me a lot. 😀 i love it. Favorite, liked, and subbed!!! i also put it to watch later

  9. there is a free version, but it is also a paid software

  10. Actually cats-are-elfs

  11. my computer keeps saying "the file is currently being used and cannot be replaced. Wait until windows is finished using the file, and then try again." Can you help me with the problem


  12. i dont have the fonts carpet or however you call it 🙁

  13. winrar is free -_-

  14. Microsoft word 2010! Howwww??

  15. Protip: A free alternative to WinRAR is "7-Zip". Google that instead.

  16. THANK YOU !!:) It Worcked Pls All Like Hes Video 🙂

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