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How to dual boot Windows XP and Windows 7 operating systems

If you have dual operating systems installed on your computer, you will have the choice to select which operating system you would like to start up to. Follow the steps given in this video to install dual operating systems on your computer.

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4 Comments on How to dual boot Windows XP and Windows 7 operating systems

  1. Short but exact tutorial! Appreciate, thanks

  2. Hi.
    In my Desktop, I have 2 Hard Disk's. One is 40GB & the other is 500GB.
    In 40 GB HDD, I have Win XP with Service Pack 3 & also all my other softwares are installed in this.

    Now there's a update for one of my working software, which requires Win 7. I'm thinking of installing Win 7 on my second HDD of 500 GB & also install the working software in this Win 7.

    Now the question is, "Do I need to install all the other softwares like MS Office & all other basic softwares in Win 7 OS or can I access them as they are already installed in Win XP."

    Pls advise what shud I do?

  3. Hello can I ask some qusetion really quick?
    Now I am using win 7 for my system in 1T HDD disk , and I want to install XP in my another 500GB HDD disk , if someday I don't want use XP , and format XP system , and keep using wiin7 , will it any bad influence , for example the computer can't find XP system so it also can't boot WIN7? 

    And is the XP need to install first , or its OK that just install XP when there is a Win7 system is exist

    plz answer both two question cause I am in hurry thx a lot !!

  4. thanks,now i can use my winxp with win7

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