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How-To Dual Boot Windows XP & Linux Full Tutorial

This vid shows a full dual boot format from beginning to end. Many hours were spent redoing this to acheive the final result with as best quality as i could using an external cammera.
I hope you enjoy it 🙂

5 Comments on How-To Dual Boot Windows XP & Linux Full Tutorial

  1. nice tutorial matey, cheers

  2. Been through the whole thing and everything is fine except XP doesn't boot. Can't see any problems Mint runs fine

  3. I used 'Linux Mint Julia' live CD .ISO file, for this tutorial. On slower PC's, I use 'Linux Mint Isodora' as it seems to be more light weight and responsive. Since making this tutorial Linux/Ubuntu have brought out more updated Operating Systems, but 'Julia' is still my fav. Its also great for recovery's on corrupt Windows Systems running off of the live disc and backing up DATA to external hard drives. I have 100% success rate on all my recovery/back ups as long as the BIOS can boot up.

  4. which version of linux mint is it?

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