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How To Earn XP FAST In Hypixel Skyblock… *200+ LEVELS!!!*

If you want to FARM XP for enchanting needs on HYPIXEL SKYBLOCK here’s how you do it. It will be involving an item called the TITANIC EXPERIENCE BOTTLE…

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26 Comments on How To Earn XP FAST In Hypixel Skyblock… *200+ LEVELS!!!*

  1. or you could just have a couple lapis minion 7s and wait like a day instead of fishing for an hour

  2. he didnt even use an experience potion before splashing it D:

  3. Takes 400 stacks of lapis

  4. ok your british. i therefore like you. pretty useful video. thanks. liked the video

  5. the fast way to get the xp is to actualy mine. i literaly mined for like 3 min and im done. but i dont have the recipe

  6. the xp bottle gave me 10 xp

  7. i got an xp bottle on my first try but it was a normal one

  8. How To Earn XP FAST

  9. Thanks for telling me this beacuse my sword cost way to much to enchant now i dont have to grind for 300k 😀

  10. "it is a struggle to make 1 enchanted lapis"

    does he know how to play skyblock?????

  11. you got 198 levels not 227

  12. Short summery
    1. Be are youtuber
    2.wait until someone gives you the xp bottle

  13. that aint worth it you just gotta mine diamonds or emeralds :L

  14. Me: (watches one of his videos for the first time)
    Also Me: (Sees the chair)
    Pewdiepie: Hey

  15. Nice way i am new and i sub now

  16. Actually, 50 levels of enchant is enough. I think

  17. Cursed thumbnail
    Hes holding an exp bottle but it isnt in his hotbar

  18. Dude just mine diamonds it way faster and also it is consistent not like fishing

  19. or just get lapis minions, its way more efficient

  20. Yes, you can fish it up. The time i fished it up i used luck of the sea v to fish it! Actually, it's rare to fish it up, if u did fish it up then it will say in chat "Great Catch" or something else. oOf

  21. Moral of the storia

    Become a famous youtuber and Hope someone gives u a Titanic bottle expirience

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