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How to enable stereo mix on a Soundmax HD driver (Windows XP, Vista, Windows 7)

This is pretty much a surefire way to enable stereo mix on your computer.
I used windows XP (It looks like vista but it is just a vista transformation program)
I was searching for weeks on how to enable stereo mix and i finally found out how
so i uploaded this video so other people don’t have to go through endless hours of
googling etc on how to find out how to do it, even when you do find it, it’s abit tricky
without a guide.

If you are using Windows 7 or Vista, It will be done…

20 Comments on How to enable stereo mix on a Soundmax HD driver (Windows XP, Vista, Windows 7)

  1. I love you. Now i just need my mic issue fixed.
    Mic wont record.

  2. SoundMax driver does not appear in my list of programs to add/delete though I have an Optiplex 745 just like you.  Another commenter had the same problem.  What to do ?

  3. Where's the "Record" button on the SoundMax interface ???

  4. ##PLEASE HELP## i cannot find the sound max driver in my control panel

  5. I can't get the drivers from the link in the description.

  6. Worked great! Thank you very much for this!!!

  7. Worked like a charm! I've been looking all over, with no results. Thank you so much.

  8. Great Job !

    Thanks !

  9. OMG dude, finally!!!! Thanks so much man!

  10. It's how it identifies your pc's info.

  11. Tried this with an "IDT High Definition Audio CODEC" driver on Windows 7 64-bit. Extracted files appear the same as with built-in extractor – looked in the WDM folder, opened STWRT64.INF in Notepad, fainted ;-D I really thought you might have cracked it for me, the absence of stereo mix is a killer.

  12. Thank you so much. I had the same problem for two years. Your fix took minutes, AND IT WORKED PERFECTLY.
    You did great.

  13. I have a stereo mix option on my computer but still I can either record mocrophone or click stereo mix and record sound from my speakers.
    I cannot click both options. Please help

  14. Okay so i did all the steps up until i need to go into add and remove programs to delete Soundmax driver. its not there. Any idea on what i should do next? should i just skip restarting computer and just launch the setup?

  15. Oh wow !…this actually worked for me. Many Thanks, Now i can record using my Audacity.

    I used to record on my laptop then save the mp3 to a memory card then transfer it to my desktop, so now i don't have to do that. What a relief. Thanks Again. !

  16. Man i got another problem
    So i just opened it for once and since then it wont close
    I disabled it from every single thing that i got into my computer but nothing

  17. its says Do you have your Service Tag or Express Service Code?

  18. DELL DRIVERS LINK: dell.c o m/support/drivers/

    UNIVERSAL EXTRACTOR: legroom.n e t/software/uniextract

    if you don't have a dell you'll have to find the driver yourself.

    Hope i helped!

  19. can you plz link me the download file

  20. DELL DRIVERS LINK is broken…

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