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How to Fix “0xc000000e: Windows Failed to Start” boot error

How to fix the bootmgr Windows Boot Manager error “0xc000000e Windows Failed to Start: The boot selection failed because a required device is inaccessible” without a Windows setup DVD (or if the Windows setup DVD fails to repair the problem) using Easy Recovery Essentials for Windows by NeoSmart Technologies. Easy Recovery Essentials download link:

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31 Comments on How to Fix “0xc000000e: Windows Failed to Start” boot error

  1. Тъп ли си бе кат не иска да ми се пуска тъпия компютър как да ги инсталирам тия глупости бе кретен

  2. I have a solution for this shit
    1. Power On ur pc
    2. Go to boot menu
    3. Go to bios setting
    4. Change the priority of the boot too the harddisk where the windows is installed.
    5. Save the settings
    6. Boom its all done ur pc starts working normal

    Please hit the like button if it works for you.
    If not please reply to my comment.

  3. safe mode ——> window + R "msconfig" ———-> BOOT ——-> advance options ——> PCI LOCK ——> Apply and Restart

  4. Lie to people that they cant fix something with their windows dvd, omit the fact they can download this dvd for free from m$ (just use a valid key). Then charge 40+$ for it….

  5. You need fi buy it i mi think da free

  6. I don't have a CD drive either…

  7. Fucker ???? the PC is not working saying to download.. yeh i ll download it by connecting lan wire to my ass

  8. How are we gonna get that it our computer wont start dumb bitch

  9. did our computer format after installing kali linux ????

  10. can you make a tutorial doing this without a cd becuse my mini laptop doesn't suppert dcs

  11. is there any another way for download it for free please tell me i need it

  12. bro plz send this software in my gmail (
    Plz help me

  13. Don't buy this product, it does not work as stated by the seller.

  14. How to burn that download file to usb cox my laptop dose not have a cd tray….i have put a hard disk there.. please anyone help me …….

  15. Will the pc will be formated?

  16. how about this, i dont know what the os that using on the laptop
    can you help me ?

  17. is 0xc000000e different from 0xc000000f??? PLS ANSWER I NEED TO FIX MY LAPTOP ASAP 🙁

  18. Wow I need FREE STUFF

  19. Will this proccess delete all my files?

  20. Buy a windows disc

  21. bhosdike iske bhi paise lera

  22. please reply as soon as possible

  23. is that my file will be format too?

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