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How To Fix Google Chrome Not Responding/Won't Opening On Windows 10/8/7

Tutorial: how to fix Google chrome not responding/Google chrome won’t Open on windows 10/8/7 2019-18. if your chrome web browser not responding/not working/freezing using windows 10, Windows 8, Windows 7 then, you will find this video helpful to solve this problem quickly. It’s a very easy and simple method by using cmd(command prompt)to fix Google Chrome, not working or not responding issues on windows OS.this tutorial works for Windows OS any version including Windows 8.1/windows 7/windows…

24 Comments on How To Fix Google Chrome Not Responding/Won't Opening On Windows 10/8/7

  1. Just done it….responding faster than I can type????????

  2. This ruined my computer thanks!

  3. doesnt work the same for windows 7 dont put 10/8/7 if it only y works for windows 10 windows 7 operates different fuck this godamn shit

  4. Thanks for watching this video . just call :- ( 1-888-704-9305 ) get best reliable services for How To Fix Google Chrome Not Responding . if any issues related google chrome then you need to just contact on this number.

  5. Pls help it says requested operation requires elevation(Run as administrator)

  6. my prompt indicates to run as administrator.   how???

  7. Why the tense music? I feel like I'm in one of those situations where a nuke falls on me in 5 seconds

  8. Thx for fixing chrome

  9. You are a god you saved me


  11. do you just turn the computer off after it says to restart it?

  12. does it need internet connection?

  13. hope it'll work on my laptop i will try it later

  14. Did not work for me 🙁

  15. thnx i dont actully know if it fixed it but i feel good

  16. I use google in edge. Will this work ?

  17. it still not responding ? what now?

  18. NICE THANK Because i am thinking after restest Wow back is google +TY NICE

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