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19 Comments on How to format a computer using a Windows XP Part 1

  1. I can't download anything in my pc it say ng error

  2. Pless help me pless help me fix my computer

  3. windows xp c disc the formatting don't, western digital hard disc at infos my how getting? case running don't. ports different

  4. i have 209gb i want to format it what to do i cant understand you, btw what is your nationality?

  5. Thanks bro…I'm so appreciate your help..

  6. me to video card bro not work

  7. What Happen to my video card !!!!!!!!

  8. I am needing a help from you..will you help me?
    I got a computer in my school that is locked with password by i tried to go to administrator but its also need pasword too..
    Can you help me how to unlock or format this computer? please,you or someone help me!?

  9. odi i formatiri se 4ove4e

  10. for heaven's sake please improve your pronunciation. its horrible to say the least

  11. how can i format my computer

  12. very helpful in explaining the partition table- thank-you!!!

  13. like this elder''''' how can i install elder 4 a counter strike extreme''for free who can help''' me?

  14. What lang u speaking m f

  15. Sir, can i use external cd-rom to format my desktop pc? Please help me sir to arrange the boot setup, cuz i can't do what the others do.

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