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How to Format a Hard Drive for Windows XP

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Knowing how to format a hard drive is a valuable skill to know for any computer user. Formatting your hard drive is a relatively easy and very effective way to ensure that your computer runs fast and works reliably. This video will show you exactly how to format your hard drive for Windows XP.

Before you begin, note that you don’t need any special tools….

20 Comments on How to Format a Hard Drive for Windows XP

  1. Dude, you make it look easy… mine won't even allow format. Do you know how to fix it?

  2. The 'Format' option is not available

  3. You are using Chrome, that's why you can't.

  4. me to :C please if u find a way pleeease help me :C

  5. I have only Disk 0, help?

  6. I would suggest that you just conduct a regular format if you have not done so already. Before you do this, it would be wise for you to put anything that you are not willing to lose on either a flash drive or a disc. Then perform the format to restore your computer to it's factory settings, memory and to give you back that new computer speed. Have fun and good luck.

  7. mine wont format coz it reckons iv got utilities or programs still running but nothings open or running as far as i can see!! how the hell do i close everything??

  8. uggggghhhh!!!! I have 10GB free out of 74.5GB I just want to clean it up not completely erase it!!! Dx

  9. i have a curropted 160gb hard drive should i do a quick format or a regular format to use it again

  10. me omg i have 2 hard there i want ro remove one help me plz?

  11. @justikman Same for me omg i have 2 hard there i want ro remove one help me plz?

  12. in my one its only NTFS help

  13. it says the disk didnt format corectly what should i do?

  14. if re formatting what would happen to the boot file?
    could i still restart my computer?

  15. I have an external hard drive that I wanna format. Why isn't that one showing up in the list?

  16. @nicag88 wait up to 3 minutes to load. if your pc is slow then just wait

  17. What did you just show us????

    Would it hurt you to fucking rehearse the shit, and view it and listen to yourself before uploading it?


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