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How to Format and Reinstall Windows XP

This tutorial explains in a detail the process on how to format your hard drive and reinstall Windows XP using the Windows XP installation disc.

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38 Comments on How to Format and Reinstall Windows XP

  1. thank you. You made this easy.:))lolwes

  2. I've upgrade my computer mother board, I can not load win XPS, I can load win7 no problems, but I want XPS, back and it will not let me, I get errors, it starts loading, but stops, installing MSI mother board, 1tb hard drive, 12 gb memory, I3 Inter Processor, everything has been upgraded for the last Computer.

  3. you namber send me please

  4. Thank you ????????????????????

  5. How do you reinstall when you don't have the cd anymore

  6. where can i find product key

  7. Sir that's easy. even my 6 years old brother can do that.
    what I want to know is how will you reformat my inspiron mini 10 to windows XP.
    I ask a lot of people but no one answer my question.
    meaning that's the real big deal.

  8. so can you remove a 32bit system and put a 64bit system on ?

  9. It didn't work. Got to the end black screen it says f1 or f2. What am I doing wrong?

  10. This was extraordinarily helpful. Much thanks!

  11. This comment section is fucked. 99.99% bad english.

  12. you are the best. but can you tell me how you start the installation when the pc was run?
    sorry for my bad English

  13. hello guys . can anybody teach me how to fix my computer with lock scr888 system .. it'block all way

  14. how to delete extra window on my p c

  15. formet complete hone ke baad sound nhi aa raha …

  16. Thank you, that was very clear and concise. 🙂

  17. Thanks! Only tutorial that worked!!!

  18. I can't to delete partition1[NTFS] and when I press d it say setup is unable to perform the requested operation on the selected partition

  19. I do not understand anything. Wtf.

  20. Good job, Miguel! Calm, clear, concise and complete.

  21. How do you do it without a disc? My disc drives and internet don't work.

  22. I love watching this tutorial, it is clear and easy to understand. Thanks 🙂

  23. Is it normal to be slow or is it fast because your on a virtual PC?

  24. So this is by using the xp CD correct?

  25. Good day sir/maam.
    Me and my group-mates in our Thesis are asking for your permission to use your video in our thesis which is about tutorials of several Operating Systems and Computer trouble shooting.
    Your video tutorial is so informative and easy to understand so we are so eager to include this to our thesis project.
    It would be a great help if you will allow us to use your video.
    Godbless! 🙂

  26. hi. if i have 2 partitions like c and d, and i dont want to format d partition what can i do? have i to select the partition c and press D?

  27. gracias Miguel,xxxx

  28. Thanks Alot this vid was all i needed. I already sub plus like.

  29. Can you tell me which is the best FREE Anti Virus Software in your opinion ?

  30. Thank you very much it helped me a lot

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