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How to get Classic Theme on Windows 10! (ONLY WORKS WITH WINDOWS 10 TH2 AND BELOW)

UPDATE: You must have Windows 10 Build 10586 or older on your pc in order for this program to work.

Don’t love your Windows 10 default boring theme? Well, with this tutorial you can now have your Windows 10 Computer/Laptop/Tablet PC to have this old school nostalgia Classic theme that was from Windows 95 until Windows 7. 🙂
Download links you need:
Classic Theme…

41 Comments on How to get Classic Theme on Windows 10! (ONLY WORKS WITH WINDOWS 10 TH2 AND BELOW)

  1. who want me to make tutorial on how to make it if you go on websites that download files on your computer That Are Viruses not Happen (Lets it 22 likes For It)

  2. Will it work for windows 10 build 18312?

  3. I have Windows10 version 1803 Build 1714.472! 🙁 Guess I am not doing it 🙁

  4. My computer has a black screen. I went back to windows 7

  5. Install Comodo And Avast The Best Antiviruses

  6. When i install it the following happend: Cant Acces Conputer Or Start Menu. Good Things Are That I Can Unistall It. And Start is Back. Dont Install Comodo The Best Antivirus Stoped It And Says That Is Trojan.ExplorerReplacer.win32 And I Have x64 And I Can Get Infected With Evry thing So Better Watch Out Of Those Tools And Videos. I Recomand Real Videos And Run Apps First On A VM. I Recomand Virtualbox The Simple And Best VM. Wish You A Good Day. Not To Bob Pony Today Tomorrow And Other Days Yes. Good Bye My Friends.

  7. pls help me, i not activate windows

  8. that is not classic

  9. Guys why don't you just get a vm and copy the theme from xp/7

  10. totally not a virus guys

  11. not fucking virus… Basically it modifies your some shitty scripts from windows 10, 8 that's why it is virus or malicious…. :/ idk..

  12. Please take this video down. Tinyurl has terminated the link because of violation of end user agreements. I assume Microsoft wouldn't allow you to do this anyway.

  13. oh my gosh, this is not a virus, its false positive because it modifies explorer.exe, but its not a virus

  14. you know there is an icon pack you can install

  15. classic theme is not removed from windows 10!
    you can see classic theme on 2nd monitor, if kill winlgon!

  16. You fools, you're all getting false flags from your anti virus software because of the nature of the program it changes explorer

  17. Hey mate when I log in my regular windows comes up but then the classic theme thing comes up and then it goes grey with that being the only thing up and can't do anything else

  18. fellows its not actually a virus, windows thinks it is a virus because it is an old windows control panel item and windows thinks that its a virus because it has admin permission on your computer…


  20. Well shit,

    ver :15063.674

  21. Norton is not safe DISLIKE!!!!

  22. Tried it in a vrutrial box and boom virus

  23. But classic shell is so cool

  24. I do not recommend this download … There are several reasons …
    1: 50% system burden
    2: It looks like a shit theme
    3: Destroys the registers

  25. URL terminated. so sad 🙁

  26. everyone's talking about malware.

  27. I have 10586 but it still glitches.

  28. it killed my pc i have no desktop!

  29. Lotta dumb people here…

  30. my windows 10 now it's look like shit!

  31. The intro kinda reminded me of the THX sound
    the only difference is this one doesn't make my ears bleed

  32. I was expecting Bodies by drowning pool.. This music very relaxing.

  33. Don't download it! It has viruses. If you downloaded instantly remove and open your antivirus to remove, or factory reset the pc!

  34. classic shell is okay to use i uset

  35. it don't work its unsafe website it said hackers are going to take my stuff

  36. вас разводят , вирус !!! гандоны

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