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how to get into windows XP computers without the password

this video will explain how to get into windows XP computers if you have lost your password or deleted your user account. this video will show you how to change the user password in cmd also

20 Comments on how to get into windows XP computers without the password

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  3. So helpful! Thank you

  4. Thanks a lot. Very good tip.

  5. Thankyou your a life saver ??????

  6. Thank You very much you save my life :)

  7. Great it worked ! :)

  8. Worked for me. thanks alot 🙂 so simple haha

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  11. Well,you can be very unlucky when the PC doesn't have the Classic Logon thing enabled.

  12. Looks like it is apart of a domain

  13. hey can you help me? I have done that and still cannot get into my computer its is still saying its incorrect. Please help. I have been trying to unlock it forever

  14. When i type the stuff on cmd it tells me the password does not meet the password policy requirements. I dont know what to do i tried using a complicated and long password but it still said it.

  15. im not getting ctrl alt del just straight to login


  17. your a genius it worked thank you I have been trying to reset my computer for ages and know I can.


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