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How To Get The Secret Windows XP Song

How To Get A Secret Song In Windows XP Hidden In The System Files. TAGS:
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37 Comments on How To Get The Secret Windows XP Song

  1. Guys Leave like if u vote windows xp back i really want it

  2. in C:WINDOWSsystem32oobeimages you can find a agent file named qmark!a secret agent!+ he's in the setup disk to help!same with vector!

  3. and also why is it called title?

  4. how would it play wile recovering?

  5. It's that song when I installed windows xp.

  6. wow i cant find that folder Oobe. Maybe, because i use pirated Windows XP

  7. I have Windows Vista homo premium too. I made it look and sound like Windows XP. My mom and dad have Windows 7 homo premium. My dad even has Windows XP.

  8. No it plays when you install Windows XP. I know your comment was two years ago.

  9. I only have windows vista home edition and windows 7 ultimate …..

  10. This is a very beautiful and very nice song!!!
    Get this Windows7!!! Hahahahqah

  11. C:/windows/media/onestop.midi
    You're welcome (Windows 7)

  12. This makes me feel insecure :/

  13. welcome to the windows xp guide no secret

  14. This is actually the song you hear when Windows XP starts the first time. It's better to call it the Windows Welcome Music.

  15. TIP
    click run by doing windows+R
    then type Oobe
    it will fast forward you to the oobe folder in 1:04
    then open images, then title

  16. @JFrostz no. share that thought.

  17. What happens when i click clickerx?

  18. like if u actually tried this (i did)

  19. like if u actually tries this (i did)

  20. @Hedcollecter but i tought this was the starting of the song when you install winXP.

  21. WTF I never knowed about secret songs in Windows!

  22. Man this song is recked bcos every knows this song please try again but still like it

  23. Thx man hey ppl this is good video it teaches you how to find hidden stuff wen you get lost in city… Hahaha


  25. will this harm my computer?

  26. NOT THIS ONLY! 3 MORE! open start and click search . click image music or video. click music. search ' town ' look heres a music! search ' onestop ' theres a another music! and the last one: search ' flourish ' heres the ALL SECRET MUSİCS

  27. Thx For The Song Great 🙂

  28. @cd949604
    the only person who knows is bill gates

  29. I Think this is the window's xp install music or tour song…. the first time i installed window's xp i herd this song and said. "This is a nice welcome"

  30. i cant find the images


  31. I double click the icon and nothing happened 😛

  32. The melody reminds me a lot of "A Thousand Words" by Savage Garden. Really nice song.

  33. This is such a soothing song 🙂

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