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How to Get Updates for Windows XP from Microsoft until 2019

I will show you how to continue to getting updates for Windows XP directly from Microsoft.

Copy and Paste the text in between the lines:
Windows Registry Editor Version 5.00



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19 Comments on How to Get Updates for Windows XP from Microsoft until 2019

  1. Thanks man! This helped me a lot. And just to confirm that as of 9/22/2015 this fix still works. Kudos!

  2. I get a registry error plz help

  3. I'll bet that machine is not the one you use professionally! Just get a new box and run Win10 ?

  4. Microsoft will put a stop to this asshead, good luck with your cooked XP!

  5. Works As Of September 2015!

  6. This still works great as of 8-26-15. Used it on two old computers. Make sure you have Service Pack 3. Thank-You

  7. i hope you go to get a good windows, it provides all relevant windows and office, absolutely genuine

  8. SUBED and Loved,, Miss XP,as Win 8. WHATEVER!!!! Is The Worst!!!!! ever,,,, Thanks,jack…. 
    I Hava a Older win 7 HP Comp,,, Will I Be able to Install It!!!! Thanks,,, a TON….

  9. Users who choose to use the hack put their computer at more risk than if they just let it be.

    The hack isn't designed for and was never intended to be used against systems so it's not recommended.

    Microsoft updates from the POS system are a bit different because they are specifically for that system and so users could face compatibility issues when attempting to install these updates.

    When regular XP got updates it had one or two updates for the embedded system, but notice how the updates also said they were intended for normal XP.

    The greater risk is Microsoft mess up time to time and they could accidentally or intentionally brick your system they are not supposed to do this to any system because it is illegal and just wrong, but Microsoft are willing to do anything to get you off XP so all it would take is a bad update to corrupt or break your XP installation.

    It could do this POS ready but if you have applied the hack to your regular XP registry then you could have this spread to your system as well.

  10. If someone want to download windows xp,you can click this link:
    Absolutely genuine and the price is low.

  11. Or all files remain? Please answer.


  13. Hey they are DIFFERENT versions THIs don't make a mess right?

  14. omfg thank YOu so much

  15. I recently applied the registry tweak and then, after restarting my PC, I tried to visit the Windows/Microsoft Update site, and I verified that this is still not possible! Rather than opening the webpage, the browser Internet Explorer tries to transfer a file called 'default.aspx' to my PC! I have Internet Explorer 8 installed with all the updates released until May 4th 2014 for it also installed. 
    However, as I have the Automatic Updates configured to notify me before any new updates are transferred and installed, I was soon prompted to install several new updates. However, looking through the denominations of the updates, some are said to be for WEPOS and POSReady 2009 (including one cumulative security update for Internet Explorer 8), while others are said to be for Windows Server 2003 (security updates for Microsoft .NET Framework 2.0 SP2), and others are said to be for Windows Server 2003, Vista, Windows 7, Server 2008 x86 (security updates for Microsoft .NET Framework 4). Could these latter updates be safely applied to Windows XP too, along with WEPOS and POSReady 2009 updates? Anyone who installed all these updates, available up to this day, has had any consequent problems afterwards with their Windows XP systems? And is anyone who applied the registry tweak, still able to access Windows Update webpage at the present day?

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