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how to get windows vista FREE(transformation pack)

this is just to turn windows xp into windows vista.Its just a transformation but atleast it makes it looks like it(EDIT) new 8.0 is out

20 Comments on how to get windows vista FREE(transformation pack)

  1. having the same problem now dude i need help

  2. this shit is just the theme wtf is wrong with u guys and put the title right you retards

  3. He knows it's not vista really but some of the features of the transformation pack, such as the sidebar and Vistart are very useful. Vistart has a 4X quicker search than vista apparently, but some vista features like parental control aren't emulated. The themes aren't usually very reallistc anyway.

  4. XP is the best, i have vista and it freezes too much! XP never did that to me i was always working without having to worry about clicking and it freeing. Vista is nice and all, and it has alot more features but XP is way better.

  5. Thats Not Windows Vista. Its a Theme :@



  7. Why would you want Microsoft Windows Vista even if it was legally free?

  8. yea i did download that but when i tyr install it gives me error 🙁 you know how to fix?

  9. i did it but my toolbar isn't the blacky coloured vista one …. wtf..

  10. it has a VIRUS!!! i DOWNLOADED the vistart then it got the BSOD!!!!!!

  11. i have this pack no virus lol really works awesomeness

  12. It isn't a virus i virus scanned it fools… Know what you are talking about before you post a comment about it. Transformation pack is awesome but get the 9.0.1 not that

  13. no its real alrite i have a transformation pack too

  14. dont download it virus virus virus red site red site

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