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12 Comments on How to hack a Windows xp password

  1. myn says access denied
    help my plz :s

  2. I get a system error 5 please help me hackerz?

  3. H4cK3rZzZ: i have don it on my other pc

    i cant login in the admin now, the pc does nothing

  4. Nooooooooo…
    Just hack for an admin account newb ^_^

  5. For all the people that say that they cant do this: this only works if you have a admin account, if you have a limited account this wont work. Your better of using something like Cain and Abel.

  6. ehm…. it shows System error 5 has occured Acces denied

  7. i hafe proplem dooing that i says "permission denied" wat shuld i do??

  8. Yo guys, tell me if u have any problems whit my videos, i'll try to help. 😛

  9. nah dw its coz i cant hack the admin pass 😛 lol

  10. how do u do this if the username has spaces in it? for example: bob and bill smith ??

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