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How To hack A Windows XP User from Your computer

how to hack a Windows XP user from Your computer only!! not from other computers..wich means that You cant hack anyone else but the users on Your Windows XP user

Your only Use for this hacking skill is hacking Your sister/brothers file for fun.

20 Comments on How To hack A Windows XP User from Your computer

  1. Asome I Am doing that in a hotel

  2. of course HE can do it, he has administrator rights. cut the crap dude, CMD is not a hack tool uness u use it on a hacked computer to find files… this is miserable.

  3. if you do not have run in your start menu just hold the windows logo (on your keyboard) and click R.

  4. This is how sorry Fuckers wind up in a dumpster with a funny look on their face!!
    Really hire an investigator chase the shit down crack it's knee caps with an aluminum base ball bat and take a tattoo zipper with the deepest needles you can find and use the blackest ink you can find and tattoo Hacker on it's forehead then tattoo bright red lipstick and rose cheeks on the little shit then tell em next time it's in the dirt!! Then smile!!!

  5. works on windows 7 😛

  6. And, what should I use this for?

  7. if you did this you are so retarded..

  8. what is the advantage of this hack?

  9. General rule of thumb; if they use Windows Movie Maker text… They're probably not a good hacker.

  10. just type in cmd in the star

  11. @Wazupimanntaylor Well if you have Windows Vista, just search CMD in the little serch box at the bottom of the start menu.

  12. @Wazupimanntaylor Depends on what language your computer is, or maybe you dont have XP,, it could be 'Uitvoeren' on a dutch computer

  13. Wazupimanntaylor press the "Windows" Key on the keyboard and press "R" at the same time

  14. Just once i would like to watch one of these videos and have Karen Carpenter or John Denver playing in the background. Enough with the heavy metal bullshit.

  15. WTFpRoDucTi0nEr do you know how to root Realistic Challenges like i tried millionstimes but i only couldn't get it like you only got to help me on aid me give me some HINT

  16. Only reason someone would try this is cus they aint admin user and cant do what ever they want,
    wich means they wont be able to do this, have tryed.
    ( my own computer i made another account to test)

  17. If you even had nearly the hacking knowledge to perform something wouldnt you ask that…

  18. where can i download good keylogger

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