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how to Hack Any Wifi Password by CMD Command Prompt 2017

Command :

netsh wlan show profile

netsh wlan show profile SSID

netsh wlan show profile SSID key=clear

25 Comments on how to Hack Any Wifi Password by CMD Command Prompt 2017

  1. It just show saved password

  2. why say Hack? stupid. PC could remember password which is already connected. why use this CMD to find?
    it is doing nothing for new WIFI.

  3. it says there is no such wireless interface in the system after doing the final step

  4. yall haters are dumb it is so if you forgot the wifi password you can recover it

  5. This only gets the password of the networks that you have already been on, this doesn't hack anything.

  6. Bro, congratulations, your video help me and help another peoples, like

  7. SSID 1 : Nita MeyMey
    Network type : Infrastructure
    Authentication : WPA2-Personal
    Encryption : CCMP
    BSSID 1 : 50:c7:bf:cb:b9:9e
    Signal : 58%
    Radio type : 802.11n
    Channel : 6
    Basic rates (Mbps) : 1 2 5.5 11
    Other rates (Mbps) : 6 9 12 18 24 36 48 54

    show profiles name="Nita MeyMey" interface="50:c7:bf:cb:b9:9e"
    show profiles name="profile 2"
    show profiles name="profile 3" key=clear
    show profiles

  8. This does work for other networks you have not connected to you just have to change some of your wifi settings

  9. tired of all this bull shits… you just playing over people intelligence. all you did was to view a saved password… so dont call it hacking.. thats not hacking.. rather you should say,… how to view saved passwords on your pc using cmd

  10. Typical packy geek only works on other network that you previously connected to why do these people waste your time get a grip get off your laptop and find some pussy

  11. its only work on networks that you ever connect before

  12. It only shows that password which is already save on your pc, even if the password is changed by the user it will again reveal the old password which was stored in pc

  13. its not hacking its just finding the password of the recent networks u have connected to…
    i already know this command

  14. I am glad we have people like him otherwise, we would have been bored since we have nothing else to do.

  15. at the start say( netsh wlan show profiles)

  16. i think if poeple with ethernet cable try it it doesnt work because your pc have to search some networks

  17. Хакер от бога епты бля

  18. Wow, that only "recalls" the password.

  19. i still cant find the password

  20. it only works on the ones u have connected to

  21. i will report u on roblox because it works on networks you are already connected

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