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How To Hack Duolingo Working 2019

How To Hack Duolingo Working 2018
I didnt see my name either, I just clicked “Replay XHR” on all of them and kept checking my profile in another tab until i saw my xp go up. After that i just get spam clicking the one that gave me points.

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27 Comments on How To Hack Duolingo Working 2019

  1. Replay all of them but first try to replay GET ITEMS!

  2. OKay, so my friend and I do duolingo in class, and she showed me this hack on which it says "Translate this into English" but the french is already in English. She won't tell me how to do it but I was wondering if you would know?

  3. Thanks now a green bird is trying to kill me

  4. Lol this doesn't even work anymore
    Also it was published in 2016

  5. Hey, its not working now! Is it because of the new update??

  6. that English, very nice 🙂

  7. Is it possible that it does not work in Germany?

  8. im getting an ERR_SPDY_PROTOCOOL_ERROR after the first two attemps

  9. to hard and it didnt work for me im sad..????

  10. So thats how the gold league players are beating me

  11. hey so i am not seeying my username and do not know where to click. is there a change off recent?

  12. why the hell would I want to cheat learning? D:

  13. why…. just why that's sad.

  14. I'm going to call bs on this since I tried it and it doesn't work. If you can tell me how I can get it to work, I will gladly subscribe to you.

  15. Or you can just keep doing the intro lesson and get ez points.

  16. This boosted me sooo much

  17. Every time I replay it (tried replaying all, tried replaying only the correct one, etc etc) I always get this error: "Failed to load resource: net::ERR_SPDY_PROTOCOL_ERROR"
    Any chance you can test if it still works? Thanks 😀

  18. doesnt work man

  19. Хээээээээээээээээээээхдо херню

  20. Does this still work?

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