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How to Hack Windows XP EASY

Hacking Windows XP Using Backtrack 5 RC1 and Armitage

9 Comments on How to Hack Windows XP EASY

  1. armitage Linux Plaise !!! ????

  2. thanks for the guide 😉 and how to do this using external ip? 🙂 thanks bru.

  3. Very true thats why Windows is pretty secure but some people believe it or not might have a problem trying to play a game and might disable there firewall and totally forget to enable it or just feel they don't need it.
    I've seen my sure of people in my own town with disabled firewalls…

  4. Even basic av softwares block 445 exploits these days

  5. As I am testing anything on test PC running Windos XP SP3, I could just try to disable the firewall. Right now I'm enjoying gathering info with your Wireshark tutorial. That helped me alot. 🙂

  6. As i said it is possible the the machine is not vulnerable to the exploit or the firewall is blocking the port 445 now days not many people disable there firewall atleast set up a test machine that is running Windows XP SP3 with the firewall disabled.

  7. Doesnt work for me. It stops at:
    "Attempting to trigger the vulnerability" and doesnt do anything afterwards. Even if i wait a looong time. I think ill just browse other videos

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