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how to hack windows XP

*** UPDAT!: it DOSE work on vista althrough i dont see why you need to, its pretty fast already PS SUBSCRIBE for music vids****
~~~~~~~~~~~~KA production, ~~~~
type in regedit
then go to hkey_currant_user
now go to control panal
now go to desktop
then look for menushowdelay
then duble click
now change the number to 0
the reboot ur comp

3 Comments on how to hack windows XP

  1. yes i just tried and it DOSE work on VISTA –> ill change name now lolz

  2. it speed up you start menu and t dosnt need to work o vista because vista has a different, its just when you hit start and go to a file, instead of a 5 secound pause, it gose instatly… it dose work tho (=~

  3. hm what happened does tis wwork on vista too?

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