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How To Hack Xp for Custom Themes [SP3 Users]

This is how to edit Windows XP to make it possible to use custom themes-For SP3 Users-since there isnt a uxtheme patcher for SP3 I show you how to do it manually.

WinRAR(Full good version. (your welcome);12077445;/fileinfo.html


Patched Uxthme.dll files

Places for…

20 Comments on How To Hack Xp for Custom Themes [SP3 Users]

  1. Thank you very mutch!!

  2. guys youse XPstyle

  3. flawless tutorial thanks

  4. Thx mate A LOT!!!!

  5. thank you sooo much!!!! I luv u man no homo!!! ive been trying for my themes too work on sp3 and it fucking WORKS!!!!!!!!! YOU ROCK!!!! thumbs up and subscribed

  6. thanks dude this helped A LOT

  7. it will only work with sp 3 coz the uxtheme patcher is for sp 3……… there is also a uxtheme pathcer for sp2 though……….

  8. On the black window it says replace? or did it pop up with something else?

  9. do we hv to click on replace….coz u sed ignore wat u do in that part

  10. Only with Windows XP SP3

  11. No need to be sorry and no problem

  12. Oh sorry, thanks =]

  13. go to 0:46 and when i say +SP3 just do +SP2 instead. Download the 6.0.2900.2180_EN.rar one its english…unless you speak something else =)

  14. works alrite with SP2?

  15. Yup.Never do anything without doing one.

  16. Did you Make A System Restore Point?

  17. Slanxp 2.0 you can find it on deviantart.

  18. No prob.Thx for subing.

  19. no,i used it,asked others who used it,i think 99.999999 chance of that happenin

  20. Thanks. I'll do that now.

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