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(**Remove the original Snapchat App First)
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33 Comments on How To INCREASE SNAPCHAT SCORE FAST! *2017 NEW HACK* (Increase Snap Score FAST)

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  2. Snapchat doesn’t show up on the app? Anyone else? How to fix?

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  4. i'm confused on why you have to have snapchat++ for this

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  8. It just crashes when open

  9. Why exactly do you have to download the other app? in my snapchat you can already make a group

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  11. Add 100 celebrities to a group and spam = your Snapchat will be terminated for abuse

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  15. I can’t put my original account for some reason

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  23. It says ”Use the original version of snapchat insted” and wont let me log in

  24. What if when I try to login to the Snapchat plus plus it says “your trying to access Snapchat from a third party please use the original “

  25. Hahaha he bought a mini lambo in his intro haha

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  29. Will this lock u out or get u banned?

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  32. My score is not going up its still at 15k

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