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How To Install Bluestacks On Windows XP With 1GB Of RAM

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Installing Bluestacks On Windows XP With Just 1GB Of RAM

Bluestacks Installation Failed:

Links :

Bluestacks: Apr. 24, 2015

Official version: (untouched) new

Edited version :!RocXAbhZ!EIt38L6F_BxJHNz4CP6pMSzR51305jdoGe2-Moi6V78

Bluestacks Installation…

19 Comments on How To Install Bluestacks On Windows XP With 1GB Of RAM

  1. why when i click the edited version. And CLick Download to mega.. It Downloaded the MEgaSync Not the Bluestack.. -.-

  2. Installed Orca, but when I right click on the bluestack's installation file, i cant find the option ''edit with orca.''
    Any solution to this?

  3. it's loading…. it's not working//

  4. how do open with orca ?

  5. làm thế nào để mở với orca?

  6. What is  your window recorder?

  7. Say initializing more time and not work

  8. I love you !!!!

  9. plz help me i am stuck

  10. after you delete check signature row there remains 117 rows but in mine there are 136 rows and there is no check signature row in mine

  11. i have correct launch condition but i have problem in install execute sequence ? plz help me!!!!!!!!!!

  12. I think my problem is my video card
    i think its to low

  13. Ive tried this on my hp mini 1000 with 1gb ram it installs and takes forever but wont start it just tries to load forever then crash… any clue whats wrong?

  14. i need a link to download it

    making fool its not working on windows 7

  16. i have window xp sp2
    , 0.99b ram ,pntium 4 ,    2.4ghz can it install in my pc

  17. Is that for widow XP???

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