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how to install Mac OS snow leopard theme on windows 7,vista & xp

transformation pack download

it is not just theme it is log in screen,sounds,icons,font,visual effects and also the mac dock
it is only 30 mb and 1 file to setup
no need to copy to specific location
just run setup and u can also uninstall it later if u wanna
i am not the 1 who made it
i just deliver it to u
waiting 4 ur comments just give the software a try
works on all windows verisions

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14 Comments on how to install Mac OS snow leopard theme on windows 7,vista & xp

  1. Can you change back?

  2. Link is broken…D:

  3. how do you uninstall it? 😛

  4. Thx it works at least I have windows xP

  5. You guys, if you get a black logon screen and a error about authui.dll, search on YouTube: authui.dll and watch the first video you find. That should make your computer work. It worked for me.

  6. how to uninstall this ? plz help 🙁

  7. it doesnt work for windows xp

  8. firstly it is not a trial …..2nd if u want me to remove it i will do it…..and i am not the only 1 who put the pack also i didnt invent it i just put the link and show u..and i didnt order u to watch it so fuck this it is not mine

  9. is it just a trial ?

  10. @oOCoDSniPeRHDOo since I installed this I cant play fifa 07 gta sa cs rollercoaster tycoon 3 and some other FUCK THIS

  11. @oOCoDSniPeRHDOo
    no thing happen newbie u really lie i see the exact comment of u on a video with the same issue if u mean by dl download if u dont then show me what u mean
    the video is on my pc i can record another playing or runing the any software and prove that this is my pc and i use the theme

  12. its very cool !!!! i like it very much keep up the good work 🙂

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