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22 Comments on How to Install Old Software in Windows 10 Using Compatibility Mode

  1. I didn't find option for compability mode on my licence windows 10

  2. I need help as I have Adobe editing software from the Windows XP and Vista 32 bit era and need to reinstall it onto my Windows 10 64 bit system as I have no job due to being layed off due to my age and not having money to afford new editing programs! I need help!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. It is helpful, thank you!

  4. Which ones the best


  6. so where is windows 10 ?

  7. Compatibility mode never works for me.

  8. how to install thst application. application name?

  9. Holy cow did not know that was a thing thanks

  10. I found this by myself…but good video bro.

  11. Thanks! It took a long time to do it, be patient! But It worked for my old Adobe Acrobat 9 Pro! Thanks again

  12. Wait, your title says "how to INSTALL…" but it should be "how to RUN…" cause your software is already installed.

  13. Have no idea what you just said….!

  14. "An error occurred while troubleshooting"

  15. I have win7 and game is frozen in the loading screen (aka main menu).
    If i try to click anything except quit game it gets frozen.
    Also i bought the DLC and it doesn't work.
    Welp ?

  16. sir when i'm trying to install bluestacks on windows 10 it showing nothing…not showing any error… i mean nothing…what to do?

  17. How do you install from a cd

  18. How to install software from cd? I have a game i want to install on win 7 but game used to run on win95

  19. Compatibility Mode in window 10 is better more than window 8,8.1 but window 7 is the best window version i ever use.

  20. From where you got the software of circle behind the mouse please give me the link

  21. i dont find the option of Windows 98 me

  22. so far so good 😀

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