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How to Install WhatsApp Windows PC ( Windows 7/8/XP/Vista )

How to Install Bluestacks ( Without Graphic Card Problems ) :

Whatsapp For PC
Whatsapp For PC Download, Whatsapp
Whatsapp for PC Free Download for Windows 7/8/XP
Guide To Download Whatsapp for PC
Download WhatsApp for PC, Windows 7 | 8 | XP
Download Whatsapp for PC /Laptop- Windows XP,7,8,Vista
How to Download Whatsapp on PC

19 Comments on How to Install WhatsApp Windows PC ( Windows 7/8/XP/Vista )

  1. Thanks so much, it really works :>>>

  2. Great Video, but i think Whatsapp Web is much easier to use and you don't need any programms installed.

  3. im getting an error msg that [it seems that your system has been upgraded]

  4. thank u a 1000 000 000X  THIS HELPED A LOT

  5. Thanks a lot for posting this vedio

  6. You Indian People make all ways such a good tutorial Videos, you never make dum jokes, you never talk about something else, you just talk about what it really matters and I LOVE that,, Thanks,, when I have Trouble I all ways look for Indian totorials,, you are the best Thanks.

  7. My bluestacks is not staying open why is that

  8. Thanxxxxxxxxx it's really working!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  9. If it says it's not available in your country go on your internet browser and download 1mobile market unto your pc and then when it's finished being downloaded type in the 1mobile market search engine whatsapp and download it then it works 

  10. after doing this will i be able to use whtasapp from my phone and also from my pc???? will the account be synced ???

  11. when it completes the installation it y its downloading the gaming data.. ?

  12. i installed blue stacks but its telling me that whatsapp isnt available in my country 

  13. thank. it help me out 

  14. Very well demonstrated . Thanx

  15. blue steak lol thanks 

  16. Im getting some kind of error stating error while retrieving information from server.
    could you please help me how to go about this.

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