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7 Comments on How to install Windows XP in Dell Inspiron N4050

  1. Still unable to do it…a blue screen flashes and goes away…

  2. I'm using dell 15 3542 and there is no ata option there is only ahci option at sata operation. kindly help me

  3. Hello dear, i did as you shown in video and it worked for me. Nut now the problem is occurring , i can't reinstall windows 7 again after changing the bios setting from ATA to AHCI.  

    I am able to install xp but not windows 7.

    Please tell me how can i reinstall it (Windows 7)

  4. very good !! thenks !!

  5. Gracias, me salvaste la vida, no tenia idea que hacer.

  6. Well, i'm not sure about 64bits but normally when you try to install XP on this Laptop or any other newer than this without making change on BIOS setup, it won't accept. It gets stuck in the middle of booting and won't boot at all. I tried on mine. I was able to install XP only after changing ACHI to ATA.

  7. Hey man, I have one of this notebook, and i'm interested in changin the win 7 for xp. Sorry for asking this but Why should i do this before install my win xp 64bits? is not correct install the win xp putting the CD directly without it?? sorry for my question, but now i have this doubt, Thank you so much !

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