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How to install Windows XP in Oracle VM Virtualbox

This video tutorial will show you how to install Windows XP (SP3) in Oracle VirtualBox. The easiest way.

You can download Oracle Virtualbox here:

40 Comments on How to install Windows XP in Oracle VM Virtualbox

  1. which organs do you talking

  2. Watch my videos very easy

  3. wtf i get a error everytimes

  4. Thx, very helpful!

  5. should've cropped out the loading times.

  6. where did you downloaded

    the os pls tell me

  7. loved the tutorial man!!!….personal tutoring from Gru though 😉

  8. Sure, you do have an accent. However, I don't find it makes it anymore difficult to understand your English, which also happens to be fine. Your video has been a great help.

  9. the other video go to a great VIRUS

  10. bro so whenever i want to use xp in a virtual machine, do I need to do the setup over and over again? if yes, tell me how do I directly start using??

  11. add your windows xp iso link

  12. fuck you indian tech support fuck

  13. Why it shows this error: "VirtualBox – Error In supR3HardNtChildPurify" "supHardenedWinVerifyProcss failed with VERR_AUP_VP_FREE_VIRTUAL_MEMORY_FAILED: (rc=-5664)" ??

  14. Ram Ram Babu … 🙂 …

    Thx a bunch for doing this video. Was a breathe to follow your instructions …

    Keep it up Brother … Namaste **

  15. Hello, i have a problem, i found my win XP proffesional on CD. After installation system in Oracle, everything seemed to be ok untill ive tried to install and run any program in it. Also USB device installation makes same problem. Installation was successfully done but needed system reboot, after that win XP always crash on loading screen and blue screen pops up – 0x0000007F, a problem has been detected and win has been shut down to prevent damage to your pc. Remove any newly installed HW, drivers or SW… Then it restarts and give me opportunity to start system again in safe mode,normally etc. only "last known good configuration" works.. Any advices ? Thank you so much

  16. is he running a vm inside a vm?

  17. wait, its Just a service pack, will it still work?

  18. Thanks bro… was looking for this vid!! and dont worry about the accent, just perfect man

  19. Thank you for putting this out on YouTube. On January 2017, MS no longer listed XP as an available download so I obtained a current copy of XP on PcRiver's website. Thank you for showing a step-by-step guide. I had missed a step when I tried it on my own, so your video was invaluable. Keep up the good work!

  20. Where can I get a bootable xp iso?
    Please respond ASAP!

  21. How do you Authorize after install?

  22. How do you Authorize after install?

  23. Thanks but you could pause the video during Windows XP setup (we already know how to do this and if not then installing a VM is not for you) and resume when Windows XP setup completes and is rebooting. The only tricky part is downloading VirtualBox and having the XP boot disk to hand or an image.

  24. thank you so much 🙂

  25. How can you go fullscreen?

  26. thank you so much buddy!

  27. This sounds like the guy in liriks city life stream who always messes with him 😀

  28. Great tutorial. This helped a lot

  29. Really helpful, thank you. And your accent is absolutely fine 🙂

  30. Your english is fine man thanks for the video!!

  31. it took me back to the setup help

  32. Thank you SO MUCH!!!! 😀 And don't worry about your accent, you do very well and it's charming!

  33. Wrong Link please fix or send me the disc image thanks

  34. thank you , and you speak verry well 🙂

  35. Nice Job. As I was installing Windows XP Virtualbox on my computer, I 1st followed your steps. I did them side by side. Worked fine. Thank You

  36. I have done this too, but by me it takes over 45 min to install

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