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[How To] – Install Windows XP Mode on Windows 7


12 Comments on [How To] – Install Windows XP Mode on Windows 7

  1. can u plz update this vid 2015

  2. does this work for windows 7 ultamite

  3. you can use windowxpVHD as readyboost to speed up your pc. 32gb is the limit.

  4. no lo podrias subirlo a mega el modo xp, porque Windows dejó soporte dese abril, no?

  5. is it working for windows 7 ultimate?

  6.  Hey
    look what I’ve found to install your windows perfectely
    How to Install Windows XP ?  –

  7. Wow you actually gave away the password… lol

  8. You won't be able to start Windows XP and navigate a user interface. The program will just look like it is running in a Windows XP window. That's about it. Thanks for watching!

  9. Thanks for watching!

  10. what was the error?

  11. What part of the video and what error did you get?

  12. @roshpiansay you have to message me

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