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How to Install Windows XP on Dell Computer Using CD-DVD Disk

If you need to install Windows XP operating system on an old Dell computer this video should help make the job a little simpler. Also discussed in this video are some things you can do to see, if all you device drivers are installed and working properly after doing this procedure.


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37 Comments on How to Install Windows XP on Dell Computer Using CD-DVD Disk

  1. get back to me as fast you can

  2. what do i do if it say "selected boot device not available."

  3. does it delete the data

  4. what was the name of the installation disk you used?

  5. i have to do this all again. thanks for your video. I did a clean install on my old windows xp, but i didnt get to do the LAN connection. you must have been connected to the internet. were you? also drivers for media missing. and network adapters were missing.

  6. Tnx…bought disks off ebay and that did the trick.

  7. Thanks for your videos…great work. Question: I bought a Dell 620 laptop that had Linux Mint installed but I would like to partition the hd and have Windows XP and Linux for dual boot. I have an old, non-Dell Windows XP disc that I wanted to use but it does not install. What do you suggest? Thanks

  8. Excellent refresher vid… Needed to reinstall XP Home…. Works great… But would of loved how you would install the cd-DVD drivers disk… Would I do the same procedure? Thanks…

  9. awesome guru!!!. am not worthy..

  10. Yeah, I have a Vista computer, vista was pre installed, but I used to have an XP laptop, which had a motherboard burnout, I still have the XP reinstallation disc, will it work on my Vista PC?

  11. hey whenever i restart my computer its not showing that boot from cd what would i do ??

  12. i have windows 8.1 and i buy today a windows 10,and you hellp me alot thanks

  13. The weird thing is, Microsoft ended the support for Windows XP and people are still using it today!

  14. i dont see any ide cd-rom device


  16. can i do this if my hard disc fails?

  17. I've been in limbo since August of 2012….trying to ask family and friends for help and using another desktop computer and it's a mess because of too many people using it who don't know what they're doing…… More information lost again….. Well not all but a lot…. I need my desktop computer system working so I can continue with my work, my home business………. I have this table t for social but I need my desktop computer for work purposes!!!!!!!!! Please any help would be a blessing from the Technology Gods.

  18. I need help…I have a XPS 400 Dell desktop that had Windows Xp Media Center Edition 2005 . Between my daughter and son they screwed it up .. My son then tried to install a counterfeit windows 7 …..I can't find a/the Operating system CD but I have drivers and utilities for Dell Dimension and Dell Xps Resource CD the sonic cineplayer app reinstall software and the monitor CD . Can I use these or should I just go back to reset to factory settings …..I'm lost…and don't have money to take it to so someone else…!!!!! Please Help!!!!! If you need more info just ask!!!!!!

  19. Great video dude. I wish more reference videos were as thorough as this one.

  20. I was reinstalling XP on a Acer Aspire One ZG5, I tried the regular NOT quick format and it "failed". I tried quick because I was desperate to get it working, and it worked. So why did the non-quick format fail?

  21. i have a WINDOWS 7 home basic laptop from dell and i have received an OS CD and a divers&utilities CD.Do i need to install the drivers after the OS installation or the OS will do it by itself as shown in the video?
    INSPIRON N5110 laptop.

  22. I found it and chose it but it keeps bringing me back to f1 or f2 option

  23. This video is the best!

  24. I heard that you fought in the Vietnam War. Is that true?

  25. Thanks I was stuck at activation. My key board quit working and got another key board and finally with your help was able to get a clean reinstall without microsoft hassle. There not supporting windows xp and mine is 2004 and my husband still uses it but not internet connected. Thanks so much for putting this on youtube. I was able to get it up and going for him. Before I was going to have to buy dell I found at best buy for $230.00. You saved me money man. Thanks

  26. Praise God !!! Thank you very much God Bless and More Power!

  27. I Can't Get The Keyboard/mouse To Work, even though I have them plugged in. I Can Get It To The Installing Part And Then The Keyboard And Mouse Just Doesn't Work.

  28. I pay to get my dells fixed a ton of drivers

  29. Are u the guy that say I hate the MacBook Air

  30. I have managed to install Window XP.  When I went to the device manager, under Other devices there are four of them with yellow question marks.  Ethernet Controller, PCI Device, SM Bus Controller, and Video Controller.  I tried to install Drivers and Utilities that came with Dell but wizard cannot find the necessary software.  I have no idea what they are and if the computer need them.  Will you advise me on that?
    Since I am giving this Dell Dimension 9200 so that the new owner can use the computer….I did not set up Internet account for this reason. 
    I went to Dell site and tried to find the drivers but Dell's site for that is not functioning.

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