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How to Install Windows XP Service Pack 3

Playing around with Windows XP? As you know, it hasn’t been supported for years but here’s how to make sure you have all the last available updates. Another video is coming soon on installing the Unofficial Service Pack 4 for Windows XP, a third-party version you might like even more.

Download the official Service Pack 3 @

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20 Comments on How to Install Windows XP Service Pack 3

  1. I am running XP SP1 and attempting to install XP SP2. When I click the EXE it says it isn't a running win32 exe file so it will not run

  2. I’ve tried to install the service pack 3 from and it caused a color display issue

  3. thx for informative, well narrated video, NO ridiculous music or effects, simple and easy to follow. A rarity, even tho relatively simple stuff. Maybe subscribe….which I almost NEVER do.

  4. Because of this my computer is now not working

  5. Your voice is so deep it sounds like ass. Thanks i have a headache, you have lost a subscriber.

  6. Can I install this on a vanilla install directly or do I need to install a previous SP first?

  7. do it clear all things on pc

  8. UM dos melhores sistemas que já existiu… seria muito bom que voltasse novamente.

  9. Setup has detected that the version of the service pack installed on your system is lower than what is necessary to apply this hotfix. At min you must have service pack 3 installed. Message I get when try to install service pack 3. Whats wrong?

  10. Its clear our data?

  11. Still a very functional OS in 2018 and still one of the best looking versions of Windows in my opinion.

  12. Please send me link windows xp pack 3

  13. Call me late to the party, but this saved my butt with an embedded XP SP2 system. Awesome.

  14. Thanks man!! Worked!

  15. Thank You Sir for the works ????

  16. Man it didnt work 🙁

    It says i need more space. 4 mb more space. Which is absurd because i have 300+gigs free

  17. Your a god! TY!

    I hope the download file works good for me 🙂

  18. can you give me the full link

  19. Does it give lag?

  20. I absolutely Live on Majorgeeks downloads!Still running XP sp3 2018. Thanks MG.

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