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How to Install Windows XP

Tired of your old Windows or Linux OS? Need a change? Compatibility issues? Well, in this video, you will learn how you can install Windows XP over an existing OS, or onto a blank Hard Drive.

Items Needed:
Windows XP disc or equivalent
Product Key*

*Some versions of the Windows XP install DO NOT require a product key, such as recovery install discs.

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  1. Music is too annoying.

  2. For the "david" account you used the same password as the username right? xD

  3. 2:22 "you wanna press.. The d"

  4. WTF! where link to dowload VirtualBox?

  5. rate this video in the end ? forgot to say a dislike .

  6. Very Good Video

  7. I always get confused at the drives selection stuff…

  8. memory error <=> error partition ?

  9. Tutorial FULL HD Step-By-Step made by c0bra ! How to install Windows XP SP3 in VirtualBox + Link download ISO IMAGE :

  10. you want to press the d p.s. the dick

  11. Your music is way too loud and annoying

  12. Either you share this channel with someone else.
    Or your voice has deepened a lot in four years xD

  13. what's the product key bitch?

  14. Song???! PleASE!

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