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How To Level Up Fast In CS:GO – The XP System Explained

I explain how the XP system works in CS:GO, and how to gain XP/level up the fastest. We go over the different multipliers, as well as the weekly bonus.

Here’s a similar style video I made on coaching in CS:GO :

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48 Comments on How To Level Up Fast In CS:GO – The XP System Explained


  2. u are like 4 miles away from your mic

  3. I get maximum 50xp per match. Doesn't matter if I get alot of kills in Deathmatch. Or win in a Casual. Can't get over 50xp..

  4. why does it said (reduced) when i gain exp in a comp match ?

  5. Anybody can help me. Im like 120 xp from lvl 20 on my smurf, and I have already gotten the max XP now so I only get 84 from wining a comp. Is there anything I can do to get alot of XP so I don't need to wait for next week to get to lvl 21? I mean if I get 84 XP from every comp win and not like 1000 wich I usually get it will take ages. I bet it will be the same with any other game mode. So what can I do? I don't feel like winning 1000 comps to get prime xD

  6. What keyword do you search in community servers to play this

  7. Great video helped me and thanks for explaining in-depth.

  8. thx dude you are a life saver

  9. so deathmatchis useless for leveling up

  10. I dont know why am getting reduced xp in all csgo matches, i get like 22 xp after playing a csgo match ,like wtf!

  11. how to level up trun on spin bot

  12. I am newbie and i am private rank 1 how to get private rank 2 i go to community server and deatmatch and 0 xp ?

  13. how to get the service medal?

  14. how to do it… "do good"

  15. You Deserve More Subscribers, I Subscribed

  16. Thanks for the help m8.
    Nice video!

  17. Takes so fckn long to get lvl 21


  19. Is it ok to sleep while watching this

  20. just play competitive

  21. thanks man I got to lvl Corparal 5 and i got The Pinstripe skin for AK-47!

  22. im in lvl 5 i won a deathmatch and im the first and they just give me 20XP only wtfff

  23. great video, keep it up!

  24. i had 30 kills in a comp and we won and i got like 200 xp

  25. Thank you for going right to the point of the video

  26. I got a question , why do I have a reduced casual/comp multiplier ?

  27. Nice! Jst the content i was looking for. Ty man hf

  28. I get like fucking 9 exp at level 6 for 15 kills

  29. best video love it keep it up man

  30. I love how calm your voice is

  31. Hello, I have been playing Counter-Strike Global Offensive for about One week, and I am rank 5 as of right now. So you are saying the more kills I get and if I defuse/plant the bomb and win I will get more xp?

  32. I can't play in find game becaus matchmaking failed and why? pls help me

  33. so fastest way is play dm?

  34. Thanks for giving me a reason to grind XD JK im s2 so i suuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuccccccccccccckkkkkkkkkk

  35. I didnt see the thing I have to clicl on to go to how to lvl up fast .
    It would be nice if you put it in .

  36. Fuckin serious?! watched a fuckin video just to tell me "fastest way to level up is fuckin playing compatitive matches.."

  37. BHOPS! Report hacker nub

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