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How to lock folder using command prompt

How to lock a folder using cmd.


Command prompt can be very useful to lock a folder . Folder lock using cmd can be proved useful. Its a cool command trick. You can hide your private stuff in this folder with the help of cmd. It is one of the command prompt tricks. We have used a one of the command prompt hacking codes. Command prompt can be used for basic ethical hacking. We can lock folder without any software. It basically hide folder using cmd…

13 Comments on How to lock folder using command prompt

  1. can you uplod video of bank account hack and transfer inmy aaccount

  2. how can I hide it ?? pls reply …

  3. If you ever want to secure a folder, this is how NOT to do it. The data is not encrypted. A hidden folder is not secure. Anyone can find it.

  4. Fuck this shit doesn't work ..if you show the hidden flies then that secured folder appear and you can open this by clicking on it

  5. OMG … great video … THANK U 😀

  6. That does not work. I added some files into the secured folder and it says access denied and close it. It is not working,.

  7. really good work, thank you man!!

  8. Awesome Buddy…………………….

  9. it's good video but you can edit the. bat file and you can see the password anyways a good video but needs to modify 🙂

  10. Well this is cool I'm gunna go and be a script kiddie now guys ok jk but this is cool watch your videos even subscribed keep up the good work man

  11. wow.. great tutorial… thanks buddy (Y)

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