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How to Make Firefox 500x Faster!!! – 2015 – Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8, & 10 and Mac OS X

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16 Comments on How to Make Firefox 500x Faster!!! – 2015 – Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8, & 10 and Mac OS X

  1. waste of time guys this don't work for windows 10 new Firefox it dont even have pipelining in there lol

  2. Well this was a huge mistake! After I made these changes, my Farmville 2 game wouldn't work. And now I can't even delete firefox. Now what? sheesh!

  3. Hey there another great addon for your browser is Ad block plus which blocks a lot of useless garbage in these web pages

  4. OMG thank you so much!

  5. if you make a mistake, press the windows button
    then press run
    type in %appdata%
    delete Mozilla

  6. shittest tutorial ever

  7. hi guys
    i zooming in film and see text


    network.http.pipelining———type=boolean———–value= TRUE





  8. It did nothing to speed it up. Also, as the video plays I only get the audio and see nothing.

  9. network.http.pipelining………………SET: TRUE

    content.notify.interval……………… integer value: 500000
    content.notify.ontimer……………… boolean SET: TRUE
    content.switch.threshold………… integer value: 250000
    content.interrupt.parsing……………select: boolean set: FALSE

    this should make life 1000 times easier just copy an paste cause if you make a spelling error you CANT remove it! you can only set it to default so dont fuk it up!
    if you cant copy an paste:

    dom.event.clipboardevent.enabled…………set: FALSE

    i couldent read a thing in the video had to watch the video for 40 mins to figure out wat he was doing an i still made some errors

  10. if you add the cache command will firefox take more memory off your computer? (Mac).

  11. i dont have 'content.notify.intervals' please help asap

  12. this guy is a legend

  13. this guy is a legend

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